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John Deere 56.4-L (1.6-bu) hopper on ExactEmerge Part Number AA100913

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24.00 LBS
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  • 56.4-L (1.6-bu) hopper for planters with ExactEmerge meters


The 56.4-L (1.6-bu) hopper can be installed on planters with the ExactEmerge meter. This can be beneficial for seed corn growers who want to add hoppers to specific rows. There are known clearance issues specifically with the ladder when row units are all the way up, wheel modules, and around the center of the planter. There is currently no plan to help with these clearance issues. The hopper is available through Service Parts and can be ordered individually.
The hopper is available on the following models: 1795, 1775NT 24Row, 1775NT 12Row, 1725, 1725C, 1725NT, and 1775NT 16Row.

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