Planter Parts

John Deere Talc

John Deere talc is specially designed for todays wide range of seed treatments to enhance seed fow in all weather conditions. Talc is highly recommended for use with vacuum seed meters. Some meters require 80/20 talc and graphite blend so check with your manufacturer’s requirements before selecting.

 talc.jpg Part Number Description Size
A52577 Talc 2.5 gal./8 lb.
TY16433 Talc 5 gal./20 lb.


New 80/20 Talc and Graphite Blend

Minimize gummy deposit buildups caused by seed treatments and high humidity on seed disks and cups with John Deere 80/20 Talc and Graphite Blend. This high-grade product is 97% pure and offers the beneft of seed coating (talc) and lubrication (graphite) for vacuum seed meters. Mined in the USA.

80-20-talc.jpg Part Number Description Size
TY16533 80/20 Talc Graphite Blend 2.5 gal./8 lb.
TY16534 80/20 Talc Graphite Blend 5 gal./20 lb.


John Deere Graphite

Provides trouble-free, easier operation, and longer wear with high planting speeds. Minimizes buildup of gummy deposits that may be formed with other types of graphite.

 graphite.jpg Part Number Description Size
TY26253 Graphite squeeze bottle 1 lb.
TY25255 Powdered Graphite 5 lb.


Vacuum Meter Parts and Kits

MaxEmerge™ and Pro-Series™ planters feature a heavier hub spring to ensure the seed stays in position. They also feature an improved disk-latch handle for easy operation and effortless seed-disk changeover.

Part Number Description
AA68743 Vacuum meter hub kit for ME2, ME+, & XP
A52391 ProMax 40 flat seed disk
AA68703 Double eliminator, 4 rows for Pro-Series
AA62072 Double eliminator, 4 rows for Pro-Series
AA61046 Double eliminator, 2 rows for ME2, ME+, & XP
AA37348 Knockout wheel
AA68704 Complete vacuum meter assembly
H135861 Seal
A44867 Wear ring
AA32868 Brush
AA37206 Brush for edible beans/cotton



Finger-Pickup Seed Meters

Save time and money by checking meters before you go to the field. For smoother operation, the finger-pickup assembly should be dimensionally correct and fit flush against the carrier plate. Proper finger-spring tension is another essential l for good meter performance. Replace stretched or broken springs as needed; also, check for wear on seed belts and replace as needed to ensure peak performance.

Part Number Description
AA60537 Complete meter for ME
AA60535 Complete meter for ME2/ME+/MEXP
A22796 Housing cover
A67976 Seed Belt
A76093 Belt Driver
AA60534 Finger assembly, corn
AA31262 Finger assembly, sunflower
A22305 Idler
A25542 Bearing housing
AA22780 Conveyor housing assembly
AA35660 Brush assembly (2)
AA35644 Carrier plate with brush
A68331 Finger, corn
A37177 Finger, sunflower
A68169 Spring
A65626 Corn baffle
AA26713 Cup assembly, soybean feed

Radial Bean Meters for ME, ME2, and ME+ Row Units

The Radial Bean Meter does for soybean planting what the fnger-pickup meter did for corn planting: it provides greater accuracy—simply and economically.

radial-bean-meter.jpg Part Number Aplication
AA48999 ME
AA49208 ME2, ME+, and MEXP
A56381 Brush, singulating

Seed Tubes and Sensors

John Deere offers a variety of seed tubes to ft your planter. Choose regular or large
curved tubes for accurate seed placement. Or, for the most precise and consistent
seed spacing row after row, the fush-face seed tube is the ideal choice. It features
an uninterrupted, smooth interior surface for each seed to travel.

seed-tube.jpg Part Number Description Aplication
Seed tubes with infrared sensors
AA67780 Flush Face MaxEmerge™ 2, MaxEmerge™ Plus, and XP
AA58293 Regular sensor MaxEmerge 2, MaxEmerge Plus
A56786 Large curved MaxEmerge 2, MaxEmerge Plus, and XP
Seed tubes with red-light-emitting diode sensors
A74931 Regular curved MaxEmerge
A26184 Large curved MaxEmerge
Sensors and seed tubes
AA58287 Infrared sensor with regular curved seed tube MaxEmerge
AA58288 Infrared sensor with large curved seed tube MaxEmerge
AA58285 Large curvedinfrared sensor MaxEmerge 2, MaxEmerge Plus
AA67779 Flush Face – Accu-count sensor  
AA67778 Flush Face-Regular sensor  
Seed tube guard
AA68468 Seed tube guard kit – 2 row units  

Disk Openers and Coulter Blades

Our most popular openers and coulter blades are made from the same high quality Diamond-Series material used on new John Deere seeding equipment. They're not "just like" OEM, THEY ARE OEM.

disc-openers.jpg Part Number Description Size / Type
AA57466 Fertilizer opener assembly 13 1/2 in.
AA57467 Fertilizer opener assembly 13 1/2 in.
A72358 Fertilizer opener 13 1/2 in.
A72359 Seed opener 13 1/2 in.
A33066 Coulter, rippled 20 in.
A73911 Fluted coulter 8 wave
A73615 Fluted coulter 8 wave
A73910 Rippled coulter – 6 bolt 36 ripple
A72360 Rippled coulter – 5 bolt 36 ripple
A72677 Fluted coulter – 6 bolt 13 wave
A72678 Coulter disk, 13 fute, 7-in. diameter 13 wave
A72679 Fluted coulter – 6 bolt 25 wave
A72680 Fluted coulter – 5 bolt 25 wave
A72361 Marker blade, notched 17 in.
B29400 Dust cap for fertilizer openers  
  A52024 Plastic dust cap for single-disk fertilizer opener hub
  A72404 Fertilizer blade for single-disk openers

Tru-Vee™ Opener Assemblies

Tru-Vee Openers and blades are designed to cut a trench precisely to the selected depth. These OEM Diamond Series blades' special beveled edges make penetration easy, retain their sharp edge and offer longer life compared to aftermarket alternatives.
tru-v-openers.jpg Part Number Description
AA53860 Tru-Vee heavy duty, 3.5mm
AA55927 Tru-Vee standard duty, 3mm
AA65248 Heavy duty, 3.5mm double-row bearing for XP
AA65457 Heavy duty, 3.5mm double-row bearing for ME2 and ME+

John Deere Scrapers

scrappers.jpg Part Number Description Application
AA62808 Tungsten-carbide scraper, complete assembly
AA62559 Tungsten-carbide, scrapers only
AA26443 Tru-Vee scraper, right-hand, riveted
AA26444 Tru-Vee scraper, left-hand, riveted
AA37221 Rotary scraper ME2, ME+, and MEXP
A69140 Rotary scraper arm (right) ME2, ME+, and MEXP
A69139 Rotary scraper arm (left) ME2, ME+, and MEXP

Gauge Wheel Assemblies

The Select Series features a gauge wheel assembly and a Reduced Inner Profle (RIP) tire. The gauge wheel provides excellent depth control in most soil conditions. It works with the Tru-Vee™ opener blades to form a well-defned seed furrow. It frms soil on seed-trench edges and provides fotation for seedbed openers in loose soils. (The RIP* tire reduces sidewall compaction in heavy, wet, no-till conditions.) Select Series gauge wheel assemblies and RIP tires are designed for MaxEmerge™ XP row units only.
gauge-wheels.jpg Number Description Application
AA35392 Gauge-wheel assembly, metal ME and ME2
AA41359 Wheel, gauge wheel, plastic  
A56565 Wheel, outer, nylon  
A25915 Bearing, assembly, sleeve  
A84062 Tire, gauge wheel, 4 1/2-in. x 16-in.
A49918 Tire, gauge wheel  
AA41968 Gauge-wheel-arm kit
(John Deere exclusive)
ME* and ME2
A84050 Gauge-wheel tire ME, ME2, ME+, and MEXP
A22780 Gauge-wheel half, metal ME and ME2
A79647 Arm, gauge wheel ME+
A79648 Arm, gauge wheel MEXP
AA67083 RIP gauge-wheel assembly MEXP and Pro XP
A84451 Large lip MEXP and Pro XP
A84450 Tire, conservation, 4 1/2-in. x 16-in. ME, ME2, and ME+
AA65136 RIP gauge-wheel assembly includes gauge wheel and gauge-wheel tire.
*RIP tires are not recommended for light sandy soils or conventionally tilled soils.

Unit-mounted Row Cleaner

These cleaners clear residue from the path of the opener, ensuring excellent row-unit operation. You’ll see faster soil warm-up and reduced hairpinning of residue in the furrow.
row-cleaner.jpg Number Application  
BA32571 Screw-adjust row cleaner  

Coulter/Row Cleaner Combination

Ideal for those times when opener disks need help penetrating tough soil and residue—plus, for tilling the seedbed to help the closing wheels create good seed-to-soil contact.
coulter-row-cleaner.jpg Number Application  
BA32572 Floating row cleaner  

Fertilizer Openers

The dependable way to place liquid or granular fertilizer at time of planting. Be sure to select the right nozzle tip to adjust fertilizer pressure according to fertilizer rate and travel speed.
fertilizer-opener.jpg Number Application  
BA29503 Unit-mounted injection  
BA24234 Liquid-fertilizer spouts  
BA30547 1790 NT  
BA30761 1790 split-row